Connecting with the Land workshops provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds and walks of life to enhance nature awareness and connect with sacred nature energies and entities.

We learn new ways to deepen our relationships with nature through communication with each other and the natural world.
Health, inspiration, and living sustainably are supported by vibrant relationships with nature.

The article
"Health and Fulfillment Through Nature Connections" describes benefits that come through conscious relationships with nature entities and energies.

All backgrounds and walks of life are welcome at the Connecting with the Land Series workshops. We can come together in respect and reverence for nature.

"Multidisciplinary Nature Connections for Diverse People" describes the diverse walks of life that come together to connect with nature.

We celebrate many ways of engaging with the natural world.
A prominent goal of the workshops is to provide techniques
that help participants enrich their relationships with nature.

"Nature Connection Techniques"
for information about some of our methods.

Learn More About the Workshop Series Offerings
Descriptions of the workshop types provide a sense of the diversity of the series, and reflections from past workshops can provide a sense of the opportunities for and benefits of nature connection work. See the "About the Facilitator" page for information about Adam Davis, the primary facilitator of the series.
News about upcoming workshops is available on the
Connecting with the Land Facebook Page.
A general handout that includes goals of the series and categories of nature connection techniques is available:
The book "Connecting with the Land: Nature Relationships in Multiple Dimensions" contains workshop accounts and discussion of techniques that we work with in the workshops. The book is available via Amazon and via its
Facebook page.
Check out Nature Spirituality and Deep Ecology Resources for diverse perspectives regarding our sacred Earth and for a rich selection of ways to work with nature entities and energies.

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