Connecting With The Land Workshop Series.

Join us in connecting with sacred spaces in the landscape and sacred nature energies. Through these workshops we have a chance to deepen our relationships with nature as we discover new ways to explore spirit energies and natural forces of the land. Workshops are both informative sessions and spiritually enriching ceremonies.

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Workshop Varieties

Nature Spirituality: Exploring Ways of Deepening Nature Relationships
The fundamentals of this workshop style have been evolving continuously since 1999. It involves interactive discussions and experiential exercises that illustrate and demonstrate basic methods of spiritual nature connection. We learn or remember various techniques and then we spend time communicating and interacting with the sacred landscape. Within this general type, workshops vary with the backgrounds and desires of the celebrants as well as input from nature.

The tree workshops are typically custom combinations of one or more of the following: conversations with trees in parks, forests, or wilderness; working with cultural and spiritual symbology of trees (e.g., the Tree Ogham); connecting with tree energies and essences; and integrating inspirational relationships with trees into a spiritual practice. The content of each workshop is guided by the celebrants, land, and trees involved.

Nature's Healing Energies
In these workshops we trace healing modalities back to their roots in the members of ecosystems, aspects of the sacred land, and forces of nature. Deepening our connection with the Earth energy infused in each herbal supplement, crystal, posture, or dance technique can help us enhance the healing power.

Mountain Therapy
While climbing a mountain we weave a mix of individual and group nature connection techniques into our experience. The mountain is the therapist.

Rocks, Minerals, and Spirit
Part of the foundation of the series dating back to 1998, these workshops explore the healing and magical properties of rocks, minerals, crystals, and bedrock type and structure.

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A general handout that includes goals of the series and categories of nature connection techniques is available:

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