Here are a few things you can do to save our children's health!

Promote Awareness, Conserve, Preserve
Promote Personal and Public Awareness of the importance of our environment to our health and well-being of our children
Action Purpose Reference
Learn where your drinking water comes from and where your wastewater re-enters the watershed be aware of relationship with local environment
Read about the many ways that the environment is being altered in the United States and the world, keep up with environmental news be aware of local and global environmental changes Greenwire
Look at a satellite image of the U.S. at night be aware of energy consumption National Atlas
Attend classes and workshops to better understand your relationship with your surroundings be aware of relationship with local environment
Be aware of your representatives' environmental voting record be aware of politicians' positions League of Conservation Voters
Be aware of air pollution trends be aware of local and global environmental changes CAPITA

Preserve the quality of the water that we drink
Action Purpose Reference
Cut shower time in half conserve water
Eat organically grown foods reduce impacts of chemical fertilizers on stream health Alternative Farming Info Center

Preserve the quality of the air that we breathe
Action Purpose Reference
Avoid driving a car - use other methods of transportation reduce air pollution by automobiles
Eat foods grown locally reduce air pollution by trucks Foodshed Concept

Conserve Resources; Reduce Your Ecological Footprint
Action Purpose Reference
Live as simply as possible; consume as little as possible conserve resources ESCAPE FROM AFFLUENZA
Bring your own bag to go shopping conserve paper or plastic resources
Buy fewer containers - limit bottled drinks and fast food conserve resources
Recycle and buy recycled products conserve raw materials
Buy used clothing and furniture save resources needed to produce clothing and furniture
Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without conserve resources ESCAPE FROM AFFLUENZA

Conserve Energy; Promote Renewable Energy
Action Purpose Reference
Increase energy savings at home conserve energy DOE Energy Savers Program
Turn off lights, computers, and other appliances that are not in use, at home and at work conserve electricity
Write representatives to show support for renewable energy plans such as the "Repowering the Midwest" plan promote renewable energy
Ask for green energy from your electric company promote renewable energy
Buy a solar panel and receive credit from your electric company promote renewable energy
Add more insulation to your home conserve heat energy
Suggest energy efficient lighting at work conserve electricity
Petition local governments to reduce the number of city lights conserve energy
Ask night-time businesses to use fewer lights conserve energy

Work toward responsible use of land; Preserve natural resources
Action Purpose Reference
Write local zoning board and congress about specific land that should be conserved in your community conserve land
Write local county zoning and planning officials promote environmentally responsible land uses
Round up local support for conserving land, and tell them to write local zoning board and congress conserve land
Put property owners in contact with a Land Trust if they are interested in conservation conserve land Land Trust Alliance
Get information to land use planners conserve land
Inform land use planners of conservation desires of the community conserve land
Show economic value of land conservation conserve land
Show health value of land conservation conserve land
Support green space initiative by government or other organizations conserve land
Compost waste food conserve landfill space
Encourage others to write their representatives, and attend town meetings - especially zoning change hearings slow urban sprawl
Purchase goods from businesses in downtown areas rather than from suburban strip malls slow urban sprawl

Preserve wildlife habitat
Action Purpose Reference
Pull out foreign invasive species from your lawn and local parks encourage diversity of native plants
Oppose construction of new roads and widening of old ones preserve corridors for movement of wildlife

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