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    This website is a doorway
    to learning about the
    dynamic and diverse Earth.

      It provides information and guidance
      for enhancing nature awareness
      and using that awareness to resolve
      resource and environmental issues
      as well as for personal fullfillment.
Adam Davis provides a variety of nature awareness activities for communities (workshops, field exercises, etc.), and he instructs college level courses in earth and environmental science. To find out more about these offerings, follow the links below.

Earth and Environmental Science Courses

Community Nature Awareness Activities

Adam has authored a variety of publications that can provide insight into Earth's diverse ecosystems and techniques for connecting and working with nature. You can navigate to them using the links below.

Nature Publications - Communicating workings of the Earth System and ways to enhance nature awareness

Teaching Resources

Natural Resource, Conservation, and Environmental

Geographic Information Systems and Data Management

Links for improving environmental awareness
and getting involved.

Environmental Awareness and Action links
Formerly the "Enhance Life" website.

For more information about services or products, please email adamdavis379 at gmail.

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